boxxtool® is a system of panels that can be interconnected easily for countless purposes.

Applications of boxxtool®

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  • Transport & Shipping

  • Store & Furniture

  • Camping & Overland

  • Underlay & Support

  • Bound & Secure

  • Play & Construct

  • Household

  • Animal Care

  • Industry and Crafts

Experience in Product Development since 1996

Thanks to our well-founded specialist knowledge, fun working in a team and years of experience, we are launching an innovative product onto the market: We are happy to provide you with a variety of solutions for your daily tasks with boxxtool®!

boxxtool® is developed, manufactured and distributed internationally in Bavaria/Germany.

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Our panels have

Super Power Properties

  • Shockproof, Rugged

    boxxtool is robust and also suitable for outdoor use. The panels are impervious to moisture and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • UV Resistant

    Even with longer outdoor use, our panels do not become brittle quickly and retain their excellent material properties for a long time.

  • Food Safe

    boxxtool panels are made of food-safe plastic, which is suitable for the transportation and storage of food and is harmless to health.

  • Unmixed Material

    Our panels are made from pure plastic. Additional materials such as metals, adhesives or other plastics are not used.

  • Recycleable

    The high-quality and unmixed plastic of our panels enables 100% reusability. The process protects the environment and also makes economic sense.

  • Dirt-Repellent

    Due to the low-energy surface of the boxxtool panels, dirt particles do not stick to the surface but are actually repelled.

Every panel is a flap or fully removeable

Circular Economy

Be a part of it and participate in our circular economy concept. Return broken or very worn parts and receive a discount on the purchase of new panels.

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